The Waiting List

Just how does the waiting list work?

Figuring out where your child is on the waiting list and the chances your child will get an available spot is often not clear. Let me explain some of the factors that influence openings at MINE, ME, & US Montessori School.

First, we graduate children to the next class when they are developmentally ready. This means we cannot predict when the children will move out of their current class and a spot will open up. Second, Blacksburg is a transient community because employment and residence are based in large part on Virginia Tech. Many professors and graduate students enroll their children at MINE, ME, & US Montessori School and are offered jobs and professors move to other universities at any time. These relocations cannot always be predicted. Third, many international families enrolled at MINE, ME, & US travel to their native countries for months at a time un-enrolling their children for the hiatus. And, lastly, a fair number of new mothers decide within their first year of parenting that they would rather stay home to raise their child. These are all factors that we cannot predict and each one means a slot opens up unexpectedly.

• To confirm enrollment, you must sign the Enrollment Agreement portion of the Registration Packet and submit the $250 Registration Fee. Confirmation of enrollment secures your child’s spot at MINE and priority reenrollment, and activates the tuition contract and your agreement of the policies and procedures set out in the MINE Family Handbook.

• To decline enrollment temporarily, you must tell MINE, ME, & US Montessori School that you do not want to confirm enrollment at this time and you want to stay on the waiting list. At this time, MINE will continue down the waiting list until a student confirms enrollment. MINE, ME, & US Montessori School will contact you when a spot opens up for your child.

• To decline enrollment permanently, you must communicate, verbally or via email, that you would like to decline enrollment permanently. At this time your child’s name will be taken off the MINE waiting list.

Current Waitlist

Nido Environment                 3

Nido Communities                 4

Toddler Community               2

Children’s House                     0

Montessori Elementary          0

Updated February 1, 2017