Montessori Education vs Traditional Education



Montessori Approach
Observing, judging, discovering
Teacher in background
Individual, small-group instruction
Mixed-age grouping
Cooperative interactions
Self-Correcting Materials
Individually-paced learning
Many multi-sensory materials
Emphasis on independence
Emphasis on independent learning
Movement in the classroom encouraged
Choice maximize
Self-motivation, self-discipline

Tradition Education
Memorizing and reciting
Teacher central in classroom
Large-group instruction
Same-age grouping
Competitive interactions
Teacher corrections
Group-paced learning
Emphasis on conformity
Emphasis on teacher-directed instruction
Movement in classroom discouraged
Initiative de-emphasized
Choices minimized
Rewards and punishments

“The reason I shared my prior experience with an area daycare is to highlight the differences in a daycare and the MMUMS school. At MMUMS they have college educated teachers that are actively involved in the children’s education. It is amazing to see how they build and develop the child’s self-esteem and sense of accomplishment through teaching and allowing them to do tasks on their own, starting with simple ones and progressing to complex tasks. Most importantly they allow the child to fail on their own and try again. This develops the foundation for problem solving perseverance. The children get to spend a significant amount of time playing and exploring nature (not a gated plastic playground). The diet is organic vegetarian that is mostly sourced locally (not microwaved highly processed boxes of preservatives). The teachers are respectful to the children and their feelings, set boundaries, and hold them accountable to the rules.”

Sam and Dr. Sandra Brown

“My experience with the daycare was not acceptable. Through my observations, it seemed as though the care providers were not actively involved and just trying to survive the day between drop off and pick up. The children spent the majority of the day in front of a tv without any type of structured development. The menu contained absurd amounts of sugar (50-80 grams/day) and highly processed foods. A breech in identity security was the final straw that prompted my daughter’s unenrollment.”

Sam and Dr. Sandra Brown