Accreditation and Memberships

American Montessori Society, Associate Member

North American Montessori Teacher’s Association, Member School

International Montessori Foundation, Member School

Virginia Montessori Association, Member School

*The Accreditation process for the American Montessori Society and for the International Montessori Foundation require the school to have been in existence for three or more years. We have now reached the three year mark. We will begin the process of accreditation within the next year.

“There is an abundance of information available regarding the benefits of Montessori education, so I will not address that here. I will say that I believe Montessori helps my children with their concentration. They are given the time to become absorbed in their task without being interrupted. This crazy modern world is constantly spinning, buzzing, dinging and lobbing heaps of sensory stimuli at us around the clock. The children in Montessori programs are allowed to build their own understanding in a self -directed fashion without interruption.”

-Drs. Sarah and Bryan Lewis