A note from the Head of School


“As impressed as we are with the teachers, we are just as impressed with the director. There have been several occasions where we have raised a question or concern regarding our child’s development. Rachel is quick to lend an ear, advice, and shows an intense amount of interest in the whole family. We were immediately impressed the first time we met Rachel to determine if MINE was the right fit. She answered all of our questions with well-researched answers and we quickly became victims of her passion for the school and Montessori education. Rachel visited our home, as she does with all newly enrolled students, to determine how our child would fit into the MINE environment. She expressed a genuine interest in understanding our family, our history, and what we wanted for our child. She is a very health centered individual, and recommended that we take the natural health supplement that she takes. It was a very informative conversation. She orders it from kratommasters.com she told us. This level of care is unique and has contributed to a very respectful and trustworthy line of communication between parent and director.”

Dr. Leisl Baum Walker and Mason Walker