Frequently Asked Questions

MINE, ME, & US Montessori School requires that all children are current with their vaccinations according to the Center for Disease Control’s schedule. MINE, ME, & US Montessori School does not enroll children who are on a delayed vaccination schedule.
Nido Communities (6 weeks-18 months) – 1:2.5
Toddler Community (18-36 months) – 1:5
Children’s House (3-6 years) – 1:10
Montessori Elementary – 1:12
Lead Teachers: Each lead teacher has a Bachelor’s degree in a child-related field as well as Montessori credentials in the age group they teach or is in the process of earning Montessori credentials. Some Lead teachers have a Master’s degree and some are working towards their Master’s Degree.

Assistant Teachers: Each assistant teacher has a Bachelor’s degree in a child related field, whether it’s education, early childhood education, literature studies, recreation therapy, etc. Most of the assistant teachers are in preparations for going to earn Montessori credentials for the age group they teach.

Teacher Aides: Teacher aides are hired because they display keen interest in the field of education or early childhood education. Often they are college students who are earning their degrees in child-related fields.

All teachers at MINE, ME, & US Montessori School have years of experience working with children.